easyROLES the fastest way to set up SSAS roles


This is help center of easyROLES. All guides and instructions helping to install our tool and manage SSAS roles with it are listed here.

Users guide

Read the users guide to learn all the tips and tricks about creating, changing and managing roles with the help of easyROLES. You can find the latest version of users guide here.

Installation guide

It is really easy to install easyROLES as it is a web application. All you need to do is configure your IIS web server and create a small MS SQL Server database. All installation steps with illustrations are listed in the installation guide which you can find here.

Setting up Kerberos authentication

This article guides you through the process of setting up Kerberos for easyROLES. With the help of this authentication method you do not need to supply user credentials anywhere as all authentication is handled in the background. Learn to set up Kerberos quickly here.

Have a question?

Take a look at our FAQ page and see if you find your answer there. If not, just use the comment section in FAQ page and we will answer you ASAP.

Terms of service

You pay us monthly or yearly subscription fees for using easyROLES.

We get to terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason.

We’ll happily refund any payment you make within 30 days of you making it, and you can cancel your use of the service at any time. These are your only guarantees that the service will be to your liking. If something goes wrong, we’ll refund your money but we won’t pay you anything you haven’t paid us.

You promise not to break any laws in using the service.

easyROLES is a software package delivering means for simplified SSAS role management. It is not designed to replace MS SSAS roles, just make the basic setup fast and error free.

This was the short version in plain language which summarizes some of the important terms. You should read the whole document, because it is a contract and you are bound by the whole contract. The latest version of terms of service can be found here.

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