easyROLES the fastest way to set up SSAS roles


Here you can download the latest release of Analysis Services security role management tool easyROLES.

CURRENTLY WE ARE NOT PROVIDING DIRECT DOWNLOADS. Please contact us via contact page.

This is a download of a limited functionality trial version where it is not possible to apply the new roles to the SSAS cube. In order to unlock full functionality of the tool you should get a product key from our customer zone.

Current pricing table and available plans are listed on the pricing page.

Installation and user guides are available on the help page.

If you need assistance with the installation, do give us a shout via the contact page.


easyROLES is an application that you will give access to your data warehouse environment and therefore it is crucial to make sure you download the software from a trusted source. Today we do not have any partners mirroring our download site and therefore the ONLY secure download source is the link above.

To be completely certain that the archive was downloaded successfully and not tampered with in any way, make sure the downloaded zip archive hashes correspond to any of these:

  • CRC32: C47B214F
  • MD5: D16756BA8B6AA10194508C1628AE4560
  • SHA-1: F19D8975017A4EAD64DE993F1A83893BD518B7EC

You can verify the hash of your file via some third party tool. One good example is HashTab from http://implbits.com

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We want you to be comfortable with your purchase and therefore offer 30 day 100% money back guarantee.