easyROLES the fastest way to set up SSAS roles

Even faster way to create roles

One of our users sent a cool tip for speeding up role deployment even more.

In their situation it was all about adopting BI Project development processes to include easyROLES.

What they basically did was made sure that every time a new project (or a change request) is specified, the security part should always fit into two columns of an excel document- AD User/Group and member caption.

Yes, same two columns as are used in easyROLES to define your cube security.

The result is that developers just need to copy and paste the specs into easyROLES and they are done with all the role-related work.

In this particular case external partners are used for development so many invoicing hours were saved as well.

Thank you Stig for sharing this great idea with us.

Do you use easyROLES in some unconventional way? Give us a shout!

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