easyROLES the fastest way to set up SSAS roles

v1.0 is now available!

The first ever stable public release of easyROLES – Analysis Services role management tool – is from now on available for download and you will never have to click in another role again. This is the first release but it is already packed with functionality which designed to help you automate and speed up role creation process.

Key benefits of using easyROLES:

  • You deploy SSAS seurity quickly because all it takes is pasting from excel spec sheet;
  • You deploy Analysis Services roles accurately because all of the nasty clicking is done by a machine;
  • You verify every user/group and member because it is simple- easyROLES does it for you;
  • By choosing to not have dynamic MDX code in your role specifications you get to utilize caching capabilities of SSAS engine and keep your cube clean from unnecessary dimensions;
  • And last but not least- you are happy because you had to spend just a few moments to do all of the above.

Get your copy today from our download page. It is a limited functionality trial. Once you have it installed, just go to our Customer Zone to pick up your product key and activate the remaining functionality.

Enjoy creating roles, because you can now!

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