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β2 tests starting today!

Today we started rolling out version β2 of easyROLES SSAS role manager for testing. The first few days we will be spending on a few dedicated sites making sure all is as it should and afterwards everyone who has signed up for beta testing will receive a download link to the β2 package.

Besides stability updates and bug fixes, β2 contains some cool news compared to the first beta version, making the process of creating Analysis Services security roles even smoother than before. The most important addition to the feature list is dimension member and AD account validation.

From now on not only are the dimension members validated to make sure you apply security to an existing member, but you get help in finding the right member too. We have refined the look-up logic making it extremely easy to find any member within the dimension. This means, that if your security specification contains not entirely accurate member definitions, you will be able to quickly fix the invalid items by using suggestions provided by easyROLES.

The AD accounts are now being validated as well. Not only that, but you can use either the account name or the email address of the user. Any one of these will be validated towards Active Directory and, if the item is valid, it will be converted automatically to domain\user format as required by the SSAS role definitions. This means that when requesting the access specification you don’t need to be tortured by your project owners from the business who never know the user IDs and would prefer sending you emails. They can just provide you with the email addresses and those will be handled automatically by easyROLES. Another headache less!

The β2 will be a fully-functional tool until first of June. Any bugs reported back to us during May will be worked on immediately and we will strive to release the first stable release in the first weeks of June.

We hope those of you who saw β1 will enjoy the new features!

Update 2014-05-13

First week of beta tests is successful so far! We have installed the tool on multiple sites which participated in the first round of tests. Today we are sending the download link to everyone who subscribed to beta testing after β1 was closed. Once again- enjoy and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Update 2014-06-01

Only 9 days left until first stable release is published and everyone willing will have their chance to stop setting up roles manually!

We will now perform some final tweaking and adjustments on easyROLES according to your suggestions from the second beta test, wrap the tool up and put it on the shelve.

Once again it has been a great experience in the last month. Geographical reach of users has spread to all of the major continents (no no, we have not yet reached Antarctica, but the fight is not over just yet!). We also covered so many different industries like health care, mining, financial institutions, insurance providers and so on. A big thank you to all who took their time to make easyROLES better!


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