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β1 field tests last week

Throughout last week we have been testing easyROLES (which is THE ultimate tool for maintenance of SSAS security roles; check out the video to see how easy it is to create roles) outside the comfort of our own lab. For us at easyROLES this was a week full of excitement and joy! It was absolutely fascinating to see our own work materialize.

Coming out of the lab meant that we got a lot of technical feedback on the way easyROLES functions. All the quirks and differences of real-life data warehouse landscape vs lab environment started creeping up on us, but thanks to the geeks in our team all was cleared up in no time at all and now we have a fully functional tool that was tested in multiple different installations.

We got our first batch of functional feedback as well. Personally this was the best part of the beta test for myself. It is awesome to see BI developers joy when they realize that even this beta release allows them to skip the pains of clicking in all of the roles manually. So we already did make a few people happy! In return they gave us many great tips on what functionality we could add to make easyROLES even better. Some of these suggestions even went straight on the to-do list for V1.0, others landed on the future road map.

I can not thank enough everyone involved in the first beta cycle. We really appreciate your time and efforts to get easyROLES on the right track! The team is now locking up in the lab again to prepare for the round two of testing that should occur in a few weeks. All the little details need to be polished now. Those who have not registered but are curious are still welcome to the β2 testing group. You can register for beta testing of SSAS role manager here.

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