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The Role Race

Today we published our first video showing how fast easyROLES is at creating SSAS Security roles and adding members to these roles. As you can see it took arround a minute total time to create roles for a whole bunch of product groups from Analysis Services Tutorial cube and assign AD groups or users to these roles. Without further due, here is our role race video and down below you can read through the details on everything that happens.

Here are some quick stats from the video:

  • Created 42 security roles;
  • Added 1 user as a member to 8 of those roles;
  • Added 42 groups as members to 42 roles;

This screencast runs for just over a minute (with all the text slides and me showing in MS SQL Server Management Studio that the roles were actually created). That is all the time it took to generate all of this SSAS security setup! Do you remember how long it took you the last time you were setting up the security? And how many visual total boxes did you forget to check? easyROLES forgot none!

The video begins with selection of a server, SSAS database and then the dimension which will be secured.

Then I copy the list of AD groups and users (first column) with the corresponding members from Product dimension (second column). Those are then pasted into easyROLES.

Right after pasting, all member captions are being validated towards the current member set in the SSAS database. For every caption that is valid a MemberUniqueName is retrieved and displayed in the next column. Members that are not found or are found multiple times are marked in red. Both of the red ones in the video are not unique and therefore I click on each of them with the mouse to clarify which attribute exactly should be used for the role.

After scrolling up all the way through the list I make sure there are no more red items there and save the changes. At this point they are only saved to easyROLES database. Clicking Apply button shows a dialogue window where I can verify every role that will be created and all members that will be assigned to that role. While scrolling I selected an example of two members (a security group and a user) in one role.

Once confirmation button is clicked, all roles currently present in the cube are deleted and new ones are generated and applied. And that is it- in the final scenes you see me refresh the Roles folder in Management Studio where there is a whole bunch (all 42 of them) of SSAS roles, all set up and ready to work!

Easy, wasn’t it?

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