easyROLES the fastest way to set up SSAS roles

Why we created easyROLES

All SSAS developer and maintenance teams are very well familiar with the tedious task of creating roles and giving access to users and groups that should see only a limited subset of data.

Securing your cube takes hours (if not days in certain cases) and is always the worst part of development cycle. If you are trying to postpone this task as well as most other developers and consultants out there, you are just one of us…

There exist different scripting options that could ease the pain and get you through the process quicker, but those need to be customised for every application and you need to have C#, XMLA or some other additional programming language skills. Essentially this is too time consuming to be good.

In the end there lies a question- why should the basic security role setup be SO COMPLICATED?!

After not finding an answer to this question, we figured it was time for change. And that change is called easyROLES – a worry free SSAS security role setup tool.

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