easyROLES the fastest way to set up SSAS roles

THE EASIEST way to create SSAS roles

We proudly present easyROLES – the first and only tool that makes development and maintenance of SSAS roles a pure joy by simplifying the process to the bare minimum. Unlike the original Microsoft method which is extremely flexible and detailed, easyROLES focuses on making the major portion of non-creative work fast and intuitive by automating all the steps for you. Through these automated steps you will be able to save many hours of clicking and deliver error-free and secure solution in just minutes.


easyROLES will save you hours upon hours of development time which you can use for more creative work. Setting up SSAS security roles is just as fast and easy as copying and pasting your security specification from an Excel file. Take a look at this short video to see how we create 45 roles with AD groups assigned to them in just one minute!

Read more about the 1 minute to create roles video here


The basic table layout used in easyROLES gives a quick and extremely easy to understand overview of security configuration of your cube. You no longer need to click into each and every role to see what user or group is assigned to that role nor have to perform even more clicking to find the dimensional security details. When it is time to do some maintenance work on the roles they are all listed in clean tables for your convenience.


When roles are created with easyROLES all of the great Analysis Services caching capabilities can still beĀ utilized that way making sure your SSAS cube is running at it’s full potential.


No more human errors when someone misses to click a box. No more accidental security breaches.


Reach developer and maintenance teams wherever they are located with a single server-side installation.


The least you can expect from easyROLES is a happy team. After all, who likes adding roles manually anyway? šŸ˜‰

READY FOR SQL Server 2014

We are constantly updating the tool with new features. From v1.02 easyROLES is already compatibleĀ with SQL Server Analysis Services 2014!

Ready to save your time and enjoy a role-free life? Click here to go to the download page right now.

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